Hey friends.  Will only take a second of your time, but this is important.  Tomorrow--Tuesday--our friend Chris Van Hollen is on the ballot.  He needs your help; he needs your vote.

There a few things your probably already know: he's been endorsed by the Washington Post and the Baltimore Sun.  He's joined me in the fight for economic justice and equal rights. 

But here's a secret I don't tell many folks.  For a number of years, my legislative district was split between Chris and his opponent.  Every day, my office would get calls from veterans who fought for our country and were struggling to receive their benefits; from seniors who hit a snag with Medicare; from folks with disabilities who needed help appealing for SSDI.  Because these were federal issues, I'd send folks who lived in Chris' district to Chris.  Folks who lived in his opponent's district were sent to his opponent.  

Here's what happened.  When constituents called Chris, they got their veteran's benefits, Medicare reimbursements, and SSDI.  When constituents called Chris' opponent, they didn't get their phone calls or emails returned.  Turns out, this was happening to a lot of folks.  So what did I do?  Eventually, I just sent everyone to Chris.  Unsurprisingly, Chris helped everyone effectively and without complaint--even folks he was never elected to represent.  He knew it was just the right thing to do.  

Chris had that same sense of duty and effectiveness when he took on the NRA, battled against Wall Street, and fought for the Affordable Care Act.  Look, tomorrow's choice is a big one.  But in my mind, it is not a tough one.  I hope you will join me in voting for Chris Van Hollen for U.S. Senate.

Your Maryland State Delegate,

Jeff Waldstreicher               

 p.s.  Have a few moments and feeling inspired to help Chris in these final hours?  The final surge is being coordinated here.  Please join us!