“Global warming is the greatest environmental challenge of our time.  Maryland must do its part to reduce greenhouse gasses and promote a green economy.”—Jeff on the Environment

Jeff has worked tirelessly to promote alternative energy sources, preserve open space, clear our air, and clean our water.  He previously served as Pro Bono Counsel for Sierra Club.  Since his election, Jeff has co-sponsored every significant piece of environmental legislation: the Clean Cars Act, the Clean Indoor Air Act, the Stormwater Management Act, the Chesapeake Bay Trust, and the Global Warming Reduction Act.  Jeff has been a leading figure when it comes to cracking down on sprawl, curbing global warming, and protecting the Chesapeake Bay.

Jeff’s Record of Achievement:

  • Voted to fully fund Program Open Space every year since election
  • Co-sponsored legislation ensuring that public buildings meet strict “LEED Silver” environmental standards
  • Passed legislation protecting the Chesapeake Bay and Maryland’s precious wetlands