With all that's happening at the federal level, 2017 is certainly starting out in ugly fashion.  But for me, 2017 is actually quite special.  This year marks my tenth anniversary of serving you in Annapolis.  As I often say, this seat isn't mine--I don't own it and I'm not entitled to it.  I'm only allowed to keep it as long as I make you proud.  I hope I've made you proud.

Together we:

  1. Passed marriage equality, allowing everyone to share in the joy that Joanna & I have shared for so long.
  2. Abolished the death penalty, a machinery of death tainted by racism.
  3. Increased the minimum wage, a bold statement that poverty pay has no place in our state.
  4. Created "birth match," the most important law you've never heard of, which matches new parents who've previously struggled with resources and counseling.
  5. Banned military-style assault weapons, part of the strictest gun safety law in the nation.
  6. Invested in our schools, billions upon billions to build new classrooms, end inequities, and compensate our teachers fairly.
  7. Preserved reproductive freedom, which is none of the government's damn business.
  8. Created thousands of jobs, while standing proudly by our brothers and sisters in Labor.
  9. Protected the Chesapeake Bay, Maryland's bounty, through robust laws that also slow climate change. 
  10. Ended the sub-minimum wage for our friends and neighbors with disabilities, which was as low as 17 cents per hour.

 This wouldn't have happened without you--your activism, your input, your leadership.  Thank you for ten wonderful years.

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