“As a father, husband, and life-long resident of Montgomery County, I am committed to the safety of our neighborhoods. I will continue to be a strong advocate for our families.” – Jeff on Safety

Jeff is a Subcommittee Chair on the influential Judiciary Committee in the Maryland House of Delegates. He has been the primary sponsor of important legislation to make our communities safe from criminals. Jeff has fought to defend our neighborhoods from gangs, protect police officers, and punish those who would abuse children.   Jeff was also the lead sponsor of the texting-while-driving ban.  Through his leadership, Maryland was one of the first states to adopt the law.

Jeff’s Record of Achievement:

  • Lead sponsor of legislation making possession of child pornography a felony
  • Lead sponsor of legislation recognizing WMATA police officers—those officers who keep our Metro transit system safe—as full law enforcement officers  under Maryland law
  • Lead sponsor of texting-while-driving ban