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Jeff is proud to run for re-election with an amazing team of legislators. The District 18 Democratic Team is Senator Waldstreicher and Delegates Al Carr, Emily Shetty, and Jared Solomon. They are united as friends, lawmakers, colleagues, and teammates. Together, they work to ensure that our community has a strong, responsive, and progressive team in Annapolis.

This past legislative session Senator Waldstreicher and his teammates played a pivotal role in passing The Relief Act, which provided $1.5 billion to struggling families, businesses, and nonprofits. In addition, they helped secure a Montgomery County mass vaccination site and even organized their own vaccine clinic in Wheaton. Together they’ve delivered record investments in our schools and parks and fought for critical pedestrian safety improvements. The District 18 Democratic Team has held dozens of community events and town halls and successfully assisted over 1000 residents with constituent service issues.


Each year, Senator Waldstreicher and his teammates fight hard to bring state dollars directly back to the communities they represent.  Just last year, the District 18 Democratic Team secured full funding for:


  • A Wider Circle (Silver Spring): $50,000

  • Homeless Youth Drop-In Center (Wheaton): $65,000

  • Interfaith Works Vocational Center (Rockville): $350,000

  • Odessa Shannon Middle School Renovation (Wheaton): $13,000,000

  • Randolph Hills Local Park (Rockville): $150,000

  • White Flint Transit Station (Rockville): $250,000

  • Holy Cross Health (Silver Spring): $1,100,000

D18 Team with Jamie Raskin.jpg


Jamie Raskin.jpg

"My friends on the District 18 Democratic Team work their hearts out in Annapolis to make our community livable, functional, and breathable. I'm proud to support this group of passionate public servants, my partners in making progress in Maryland."


-- Congressman Jamie Raskin

Brian Frosh.jpg

"I am proud to endorse the District 18 Democratic Team. They have been strong partners to me and progressive advocates for their district. They have earned our trust and support."

-- Attorney General Brian Frosh

Nancy Navarro.jpg

"The District 18 Democratic Team has earned my endorsement. They fight each and every day to enhance our quality of life by creating access to opportunities for all. Their collective leadership is guided by equity, justice, and economic sufficiency. During these challenging times, we need experienced leaders like them in public office."


-- Councilmember Nancy Navarro

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